Kira Coin MasterLife


Kira Coin is produced to reduce rent increases and reduce rent expenses paid by tenants by 50% annually. With MasterLife's vision and mission, it will achieve this.


With the developing world, rent increases have reached high levels. With the awareness of social responsibility, it aims to reduce the annual rental expenses of individuals and businesses with rental expenses by 50%.


Having the highest infrastructure, Kira Coin will safely carry its investors to the future with its forward-looking vision. It has adopted the principle of progressing step by step in order to offer its investors an economically comfortable world life.

MasterLife Program

MasterLife Kira Coin secure With MasterLife, you earn 100% Kira Coin

You can join our Masterlife program by purchasing 660.000 (six hundred sixty thousand) Kira coins from the stock markets listing our coin and sending them to our system.

The Masterlife Program consists of 20 months. The duration of the program is 20 months. You earn 10% (66,000 Kira Coins) every month. You earn 20% (132,000 Kira Coins) for each referral. Your total coin earnings are 100% (1,320,000 Kira coins) You can claim your coins on the 28th of each month. Your coins will be in your exchange account within 24 hours.


You can trade KIRA COIN by clicking on the stock exchange links below.








Kira Coin supply and blockchain information

Kira Coin MasterLife
Total Supply : 673,266,132,362 KIRA
To be Burned : 606,605,561.362 KIRA
Remaining Supply : 66,660,571,000 KIRA
Lock : 24 Months
Token Information
Token Name : Kira Coin
Network : Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )
Token Ticker : $KIRA
Max Supply : 673,266,132,362 $CNS
Decimals : 18
Blockchain Information
Token Contract Address : 0x4015610a72b4f2a8ac0a40a22335767a084fc8cb
Smart Contract : Supported
Type : BEP20 Binance Smart Chain


Serkan Dinçer
Köksal Acimer
vice ceo
M. Nihat Mutlu
General Counsel
Aziz Özcan
VP of PR & Comms
Abdullah Turgut
MasterLife Coordinator
Birgül Başer
MasterLife Advisor
Ahmet Yıldız
MasterLife Chief
Meliha Özdilman
MasterLife Chief
Erdal Kuş
MasterLife Chief
Hüseyin Dolaşık
MasterLife Chief
Furkan Turgut
MasterLife Cheif
Abdurrahman Taner
MasterLife Cheif
Özcan Turgut
Masterlife Cheif
Kamuran Yektabalıkçı
Masterlife Chief
Samet Saylık
Masterlife Chief
Eşref Yılmaz
Masterlife Chief
Cengiz Yangın
Masterlife Chief
Orçun Şimsek
Masterlife Chief
Yetkin Meydanoğlu
Masterlife Chief
Şerife Özdilman
Masterlife Chief
Baha Eryürekliler
Masterlife trading Director
Zekai Akgül
Masterlife Chief
Hasan Akdemir
Masterlife Chief
Hasan Ataş
Masterlife Chief
Ahmet Ersun
Masterlife Chief
Ahmet Kürşad Atalay
Masterlife Chief
Özcan Aktug
Masterlife Chief
Resit Elbir
Masterlife Chief
İbrahim Toydemir
Masterlife Chief
Simay Kuşkaya
Masterlife Chief
Orhan Oran
Masterlife Chief
Sevilay Bektaş
Masterlife Chief
Durdu Hançer
Masterlife Chief
Abdülkerim Yılmaz
Masterlife Chief




Launch of the Masterlife program and listing on exchanges Training and Certification System launch Starting the Information Application Infrastructure Installation, Training Consultancy Center Authorization System



2023 production application start and market project applications Program Management,Quality Assurance and Configuration Management Activities



Kira token application of 2024 businesses Strategic Management and Planning System Improvements Mastrelife World regulation



Produce 2025 application start and data center establishment In this context,software tools such as project management, demand/requirements management,configuration management and test management will be procured according to the relevant best practice examples.


Kira Coin Important question

Kira coin; The highest level infrastructure of the category is based on a forward-looking vision and at the same time, the highest point in terms of investor confidence. It is produced to lower the annual rent of individuals who rent houses

Kira coin referral income you earn 132.000 (20%) coins for each referral.

Make your payment request on the 28th of each month. Your payment will be made to your BEP20 KIRA account within 24 hours.

It aims to reduce the annual rental expenses of individuals who rent houses by 50%.

You can sell the owned Kira Token on listed exchanges.